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XD Extra Distance - One Dozen Box of golf balls


The Polara 2-piece XD (Extra Distance) golf ball reduces hooks and slices by up to 50%.  Its design gives you Maximum Distance.  Get yours today and dramatically improve your golf game!

• Contents: 12 Polara Golf Balls

• Recommended Driver Loft: Any Standard Loft

• Construction: 2-piece

• Ball Diameter: 1.682 inches

• Ball Weight: 46.0 grams

• Compression: 85

• Core Material: Soft Resilient Polybutadiene

• Core Diameter: 1.535 inches

• Cover Material: Soft Surlyn®

• Cover Material Thickness: 0.073 inches

• Cover Material Hardness: 62 Shore D

• Number of Dimples: 336

• Ball Flight Characteristics: 50% Self-Correcting Technology™

Comes with a complimentary 3-ball sleeve of Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls! (one sleeve per order)


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