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Advantage Driver HL3 (RH)


This HL3 high-lofted driver is for golfers who drive the ball less than 120 yards.  It provides the higher flight needed to maximize distance for the lower swing speed golfer craving extra distance. 


Loft: HL3

Shaft Flex: Customizable - Regular, Stiff, Senior

Shaft Weight: 59g

Length: Customizable - 45",  46", 47"

Head Size: 475 cc

Face Composition: beta-Titanium

Lie: 58°

Face Angle: 0°

Handedness: Right

Comes with a complimentary of Polara XD and Ultimate Straight golf balls! (one 3-ball sleeve of each type)

Polara Golf strives to be a leader in producing high quality golf products and is committed to the performance and durability of its products.  Please feel free to review our Limited Customer Warranty.

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