Review: Polara Golf Advantage Driver Review: Polara Golf Advantage Driver
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Review: Polara Golf Advantage Driver

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Review: Polara Golf Advantage Driver


Mike Dojc, a popular video blogger focusing on the fun of golf, takes a few wallops down the range with the "World's Longest Driver" in this article from

Polara made major waves a few years back with their mid-air correcting marvel of a ball. The Ultimate Straight cured hackers’ most misery-inducing malady: slices and hooks. The nifty asymmetrical dimple pattern may not pass the scrutiny of the powers that be, but it’s all good.

Though non-conforming to USGA and R&A standards, their ultimate straight and follow-ups managed to carve out a sizeable wedge of the crowded golf ball market as everyday duffers, myself included, went coco puffs for the shot straightening wunderkinds which allowed the less golf-gifted to hit a lot more fairways thus making the game a whole lot more fun.

But could Polara strike lightening twice? Their Advantage drivers sport an oversized, nonconforming 475cc head with a giant sweet spot, goosed moment of inertia and extra forgiveness on off center lashes. Couple that with an ultra thin beta-titanium face for a USGA regulation exceeding mega-boing that rockets the ball off this big dog faster than a bat out of hell.

While test-driving a 10.5 stiff shafted model (it also comes in 12, HL1 and HL3) with Polara balls, the trampoline effect off the face was an awesome spectacle to behold and I managed to smack some long in the tooth doozies that sailed into the distant horizon.

Bottom Line: It’s an excellent club for beginners, occasional players still searching for their groove and folks just looking to hit with friends and have a blast. For seasoned golfers any yardage gains will be a lot less pronounced.

The only thing holding me back from giving the Advantage the coveted driver spot in my golf bag comes down to pride, I don’t want my buddies to bitch that the only reason I’m kicking their butts is my club. Hmm... on the other hand though with a logo covering custom clubcrown decal they’d be none the wiser.

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